Thursday, July 23, 2009

National Guard HSPD 7on7 Video Clip

Check out the exciting video clip of the NFL's HSPD National 7-on-7 Tournament presented by the National Guard.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 3 - The 2009 HSPD 7-on-7 National Championship

This is what it was all about, a chance to be called "Champion". The Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins played the final game like it was a heavyweight boxing match. Both teams threw long passes for touchdowns while trying to pick each other apart with short, accurate throws. Several spectators and coaches watching from the sidelines were impressed with the unusual athleticism by both teams. Fantastic end-zone catches were made by both the Dolphins and the Falcons.

Athleticism was not the only weapon...good coaching was also important to stay in the game. Inventive defensive adjustments were made by both coaching staffs to minimize the big play.

In the end, it was the Miami Dolphins who came out on top with a strong second finish by the Falcons. It was truly a historical day in Minnesota.

Dolphins 48 - Falcons 38


Day 3 - Single Elimination Begins

The single elimination round started with close competition among all the teams. Many games as a matter of fact were decided by 10 points or less. Any minor mistake could cost a team the game, so coaches took extra caution to make sure everyone knew their assignments.

An interesting phenomenon occurred during the elimination round...the lower seeds gave the top seeds fits. Like they say in the NFL, "On any given Sunday". Well that was truly the case today as games went into double even quadruple overtime as teams played their hearts out to move on to the championship round.

After battling for hours, the AFC was finally represented by the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins, while the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons filled the spots for the NFC.

Both games were tough with the Falcons beating out the Saints for a spot in the finals and the Dolphins putting on a offensive show to beat the Texans.

Day 3 - Round Robin Play Continues...

16 teams from the AFC and NFC competed for final seeding for the upcoming single elimination round. Teams worked hard to get ready to compete for the National Championship which was just a few hours away.

Day 3 - Vikings Owner Mark Wilf Comes to Support the Tournament

Players, Coaches, and Staff had the unique opportunity to hear words of encouragement from Vikings Owner Mark Wilf. Mr. Wilf welcomed everyone to Minnesota and expressed his support for HSPD 7-on-7 Tournament.

Many thanks to Mr. Wilf and his organization for hosting this year's Tournament.

Day 3 - Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress Addresses the Players

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress delivered a valuable message to the players about surrounding yourself with good people and telling them how you appreciate their support to help you achieve your goals. He also provided insight about takes more than natural talent to succeed in the NFL. There are other ways to be the in the best shape, be smart.

We are truly grateful to Coach Childress for coming out and sharing a special moment with our 7-on-7 Players.

Day 3 - Morning Round Robin Play

Teams played the final round to determine the seeding for the elimination round. The weather was perfect, solid blue skies, no humidity with a gentle breeze. Everyone was excited to continue play to see who would be seeded the top team in the elimination round.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 2 - Dinner in Downtown Minneapolis

The NFL staff provided a memorable evening at the St. Anthony's Main Event Centre after a long day of competition. Players dined at the Centre which is located in the oldest section of downtown Minneapolis. It is one of the Twin Cities' most unique and versatile event locations.

After dinner, Players were treated by a surprise visit by the Vikings Cheerleaders and "Viktor" the Vikings team mascot. Some took the opportunity to take memorable photos with the Cheerleaders and Viktor, while others took leisurely walks along the Mississippi river.

Mr. Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson stopped by to speak to the Players and to show his support for the 7-on-7 HSPD Tournament. Huge crowds converged on Peterson to get a glimpse of the star running back or to get an autograph or photo.

Adrian was gracious and very amiable to questions from players and requests for photo ops. We wish him the best and hope he has another stellar season.

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson

A visit from Head Coach Childress

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress came out to greet the staff and take in the Tournament games. We appreciate his time and thank him for his support.